„The advantages of ICL: Large correction range and good visual acuity in just a few minutes.“

Stephan Münnich, MD

The EVO Visian ICL is an additional lens, such as a contact lens. Unlike the contact lens, which remains on the corneal surface, the ICL is inserted into the eye behind the iris. Thus, the ICL is not perceptible and is not visible to you or others.

The EVO Visian ICL can correct myopia and hyperopia. The toric ICL also corrects additional corneal curvature (astigmatism).

The EVO Visian ICL has been approved in Europe since 1997. As one of the first clinics in Germany, we have been using ICL routinely since 1998.

Since then, ICL has been implanted by certified and specialized surgeons in over 1.000.000 (April 2019) eyes. A study-based documentation confirms a patient satisfaction of 99%. An ICL operation is performed worldwide every 5 minutes.

Since the ICL is so small and malleable, it can be rolled up and implanted through a small incision in the eye. As soon as the ICL is in the eye, it unfolds and positions itself between the iris and the natural lens. It stays there and corrects the ametropia without the need for further surgery.

The individual steps of an ICL-treatment

In preparation, you will receive eye drops that anesthetize the eye surface and dilate the pupil. First the cornea is opened by a small incision of 2.4 mm. Then your eye is filled with a gel-like substance and the ICL is implanted.

Your surgeon places the ICL lens behind the iris. Now the gel-like substance is removed from the eye. The EVO Visian ICL sits invisibly in its place and supports your eye to be able to see "razor" sharp.

Illustrated in a cross-section: This is how the ICL sits in the eye.

The advantages of an EVO Visian ICL

In addition to a large correction range and quick visual acuity, ICL helps to achieve permanently stable results after a pain-free healing process.

This is a reversible procedure, i.e. the lens can be removed or replaced (if necessary) in extremely rare cases. Unlike laser treatments, the implantation of an intraocular contact lens does not depend on whether you have a thin cornea, dry eyes or large pupils.

The material

The size and diopter of the ICL is individually adjusted to the respective patient data. The ICL consists of a unique material called Collamer. It has a number of special properties, the most outstanding of which is good compatibility.

The material is accepted by the body and is not perceived as a foreign body, so that there is no rejection reaction.

ICL can therefore remain in the eye for several decades. Collamer also stands for optical clarity, durability and flexibility.

The treatment

Before you come to the surgery, we carry out various measurements on your eye as part of a detailed preliminary examination and consultation.

Before the implantation of the ICL you will receive eye drops for pupil dilation and anaesthesia as well as a light sedative if necessary. This makes the procedure painless. The eyes are kept open so that blinking is prevented. The tiny incision makes it possible to close the wound without a suture.

This implantation is an outpatient painless procedure and takes only a few minutes.

Special advantages of ICL

  • Reversible procedure: The advantage of the Visian ICL is that vision can be permanently corrected without the need to remove natural tissue (e.g. with LASIK).
  • Also suitable for high ametropia.
  • Independent of corneal thickness, pupil size and dry eyes.
  • The collamer-based lens material is very well tolerated and has perfect biocompatible properties. The UV protection is integrated in the biocompatible lens material.

EVO Visian ICL - Video

postoperative care

Postoperative Management

What is the post-operative care like

Fee structure

Fee Structure

The following costs are to be expected.

Complications SMILE

Side Effects

These temporary side effects and complications during the healing process are possible.

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