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All about LASIK

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Welcome to Eye Surgery Center Lohr!
One of the leading Refractive Surgery Centers in Germany

Why consider LASIK or Femto-LASIK?

Is it the daily hassle to find your glasses when you need it most? Is it that you develop red eyes when wearing your contacts all day? Or is that good eye sight reduces occupational hazard or increases your chances of success? Or just wanting better vision? Laser Vision Center Lohr offers you various refractive surgical procedures, using the latest laser equipment, to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses and contact lenses. Within a few days, you may be able to get rid of your glasses and contact lenses.

Refractive Correction

To dispense of your glasses and contacts refractive correction of your eyesight is needed. To correct nearsightedness, the curvature of the cornea must be decreased -- the cornea must be made flatter. To correct farsightedness, the curvature of the central cornea must be increased. To correct astigmatism, the curvature must be altered in one specific direction. There are several variations of laser vision correction, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. What they all have in common is that the vast majority of patients no longer need glasses or contact lenses for distance vision after laser vision correction.