Laserklinik Lohr

Our Eye-Surgery Center Lohr is

certified by the German
DIN EN 9001:2015

Postoperative management

Please do follow the post OP instructions very closely. Protect your eyes as much as possible because risk of infection and dislocation of the flap is highest right after the procedure. You will not feel any pain, but it is not unusual to develop one or more of the following symptoms during your recovery.

It is not unusual to feel some discomfort as if there is an eyelash in your eye. You will be given medication to alleviate this feeling and moisten your eyes.

Your vision will be blurry for the first few hours after your treatment. However, after your rest and within a few hours you will notice significant improvement.

Your vision may be slightly farsighted immediately after your procedure. This will temporarily affect your ability to read, especially if you are over 40.

You may experience increased sensitivity to light for the first few hours after your procedure. A good pair of sunglasses will be of help.

Postoperative exams are recommended the day after the procedure, one week after and a last time, two to three months after the procedure. Obviously, we welcome seeing you back at the Laser-Vision-Center Lohr. But the latter two examinations can be done by your local optometrist as well. You will receive a letter with all the details of the procedure for him / her to consider.