Laserklinik Lohr

Our Eye-Surgery Center Lohr is

certified by the German
DIN EN 9001:2015

Fee structure

If you are considering custom vision correction, take great care in scrutinizing your options. When you are doing your research, make sure you are comparing equivalent experience and care. Thousands of people have trusted in Eye Surgery Center Lohr, and many have expressed their gratitude.

Our comprehensive fees include:

- Comprehensive preoperative assessment
- Corneal Topography with the Pentacam (Oculus)
- iDesign – Aberrometry (AMO)
- Individualized Laser Procedure (Femto-LASIK, iLASIK) or Standard Procedure (LASIK)
- Postoperative Kit
- Postoperative examination

Please note that this procedure may not be covered by your health insurance. Please check with your Health Insurance representative well before the actual procedure. We can provide a formal quotation or estimate for this particular purpose.

Preoperative Eye examination: 300,- Euro (fully creditable against the surgery fee)
Microkeratom-LASIK (both eyes): 2.000,- Euro
Femto-LASIK (both eyes): 4.000,- Euro
Other refractive procedures can be quoted on request.

In addition to the postoperative exam on the day after the procedure, we recommend two to three more examinations with an ophthalmologist of your choice. It is necessary to monitor the healing period of your eyes.
Payment of fees is required in full on the day of your treatment. We accept payment by certified check, Maestro card or in cash.

Accommodation and travel arrangements

Should you need assistance when planning for your surgery, we will be pleased to give you guidance on any aspect of your stay in Lohr. For greater convenience, we have negotiated accommodation packages with local hotels.

Special arrangements – Weekend-Special

If you want to have LASIK, but have no flexibility in your calendar, we may be able to help. Caring for busy professionals, we frequently offer LASIK on weekends.

Your preoperative examination will start Friday afternoon. The Procedure will be performed on Saturday with postoperative examinations taking place on Sunday. Commonly, you will be able to return to work on Monday already again.

Please enquire about those special arrangements when making an appointment.