Laserklinik Lohr

Our Eye-Surgery Center Lohr is

certified by the German
DIN EN 9001:2015

Clinic Overview

Every aspect of our clinic was designed with patient needs in mind. Parking is easily accessible and an open, spacious lobby warmly greets our patients.

All patient visits start on the ground floor, which features a centralized check-in desk and diagnostic testing area. Designated elevators take surgical patients directly from the examination floor to the operating floor.

A separate waiting area for children has games and books to help keep them occupied. Accompanying family members can help themselves to coffee and other hot drinks in our "Bistro" corner, where the Eye Shop offers selected eye care items.

Ophthalmology practice

In 1980, Dr. Michael Armbrust (MD) took over the local ophthalmology practice with the goal of providing patients with the highest quality of medical care in an academically oriented private practice setting. Today the practice runs with Dr. Stephan Münnich, Dr. Tilman Littan, Dr. Gero Krommes, Gregor Märker (all MD).

The practice has been continuously expanded in new diagnostic and therapeutic areas of eye care. Our doctors rely on advanced technology to diagnose and treat problems such as glaucoma, corneal disease, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts. In addition, we offer pediatric services like amblyopic screening and corrective exercises for children with strabismus, as well as a range of preventive examinations, second opinions and appraisals of eye conditions for occupational purposes.

Eye Surgery Center

Pioneering out-patient eye surgery in Germany, Dr. Michael Armbrust started ambulatory operations in 1985. Ophthalmic surgery has become a precise, sophisticated science. Many procedures that used to require a hospital stay and lengthy recovery are now performed on an outpatient basis with patients returning to their normal activities the next day.

Due to the growing demand, the Eye Surgery Center Lohr was founded in 1990. Our surgical facilities are designed to adhere to the latest standards for outpatient surgery. The three operating rooms incorporate state-of-the-art equipment for phacoemulsification and eye-lid laser surgery.

A special discharge area lets patients talk to the surgeon in a private setting after surgery. When it is time for patients to go home, a nurse escorts them back to the waiting area where family members have been waiting while the procedure was carried out.

Laser Vision Center

Now in its third decade of use, the technologically advanced excimer laser has added a tremendous amount of precision, control and safety to treating nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. We use the Abbott Medical Optics (AMO) laser system, recognized as a world leader and the laser of choice for the majority of surgeons performing laser surgery worldwide.

Our patients receive a complete ocular examination with dilation in order to determine if you are a good LASIK candidate. We also offer the so-called wavefront technology representing the latest refractive technology available. You can expect a professional counseling where benefits, risks and alternatives to refractive surgery are being discussed as well as potential ocular disorders.