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Who is a good candidate?

Pre-conditions for a successful LASIK procedure

After a thorough eye examination, your eye doctor can tell you whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Dr. Gero Krommes

Are you a candidate?

Since a LASIK surgeon can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, many people who currently wear glasses and/or contact lenses do qualify. Here are a few guidelines:

- You must be at least 18 years of age. Growth spurts can change the way children see, so it is best to wait until they reach adulthood.

- It is helpful to have a stable prescription so that the best-corrected vision can be achieved for you with your LASIK procedure.

- Reading glasses are NOT correctable by any form of laser vision correction at this time. Technology is working on this aspect, but it may not be available for a few more years.

Choosing the right doctor for laser vision correction

There is no such thing as emergency laser vision correction, so take your time until you feel comfortable with your doctor and the information that you've received. Finding someone to trust is an important decision. You should be able to meet your surgeon before your procedure and ask him or her any questions you have.


LASIK is a difficult procedure in which complications decrease with increased experience. For this reason, some authorities believe you should insist upon a surgeon who has performed at least 1,000 LASIK procedures or more.

Confidence and Compassion

Your doctor should do everything possible to make you feel comfortable with your decision and reassure you about any discomfort or other concerns you might have. In particular, you should have had the opportunity to discuss your concerns about side-effects and complications to your full satisfaction.

No Guarantees

Do not choose a surgeon who claims to be able to guarantee any sort of surgical result or freedom from any potential problems. While most patients are delighted with their procedures, no one can honestly guarantee results. You should also feel confident that if your first treatment does not give you the results that you're seeking, your surgeon will provide another procedure to fine-tune your vision further, if desired.