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Side Effects and Complications

Corneal healing has been studied for more than a century. Based on the several million laser vision correction treatments that have been performed, it has been proven that laser vision correction is both safe and effective. Although extremely rare, as in any medical procedure, there are potential side effects associated with excimer laser treatment.

Night glare

Night glare is most apparent during the first several weeks of your recovery. It usually dissolves and returns to pre-procedure levels once your eyes have healed. WaveFront technology has repeatedly shown its ability to improve night vision. Some patients treated with the AMO® WaveScan System™ actually had better night vision after treatment than they experienced with their corrective lenses.


There is a slight risk of infection during the first days after your procedure. As part of your treatment, you will receive antibiotic drops to be applied during your recovery period. To minimize the risk of infection, we highly recommend that you avoid activities such as gardening or swimming for the first two weeks.


Some patients experience minimal overcorrection during the healing process. Again, this is part of your eye's healing. Your vision will stabilize within one to four weeks, depending on your previous level of myopia. Very seldom, the overcorrection may persist. After a three to four month period, an enhancement procedure, called Re-LASIK can be performed to remedy this problem. This will be done at no charge to you.


Vision generally remains stable. Some individuals may experience a degree of regression or undercorrection, although this is usually minimal. It can be corrected with an additional procedure, or you may opt for temporary wearing a pair of glasses, or contact lenses. The overwhelming majority of patients require only one procedure.