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Questionnaire - Who is a good LASIK candidate?

Please consider the following: Whether laser vision correction is right for you depend on a number of medical considerations. It also depends on you, your lifestyle and your expectations. Speaking with someone who has had the procedure, as well as your eye doctor, can help you make the right decision. Assuming your eye doctor determines that you are a good candidate for laser vision correction, the decision to have the surgery is ultimately yours. Only you know what impact wearing glasses and/or contact lenses has had on the quality of your life, and only you know the value to you of reducing your dependency on these visual aids.

The following questionnaire can help you finding the right decision. If one or more of the following questions are true for you, you are probably a good LASIK candidate:

- I feel handicapped wearing my glasses or contact lenses and would feel much more comfortable
without them.
- I think I look better without glasses.
- I would have better career opportunities if I had better natural vision.
- Neither my work nor hobbies require consistent attention to fine visual details.
- I would be happy if my natural vision would be significantly enhanced, even if I needed to wear
corrective lenses from time to time.
- I am a pretty easy going person and little irregularities do not bother me.
- I generally adapt well to change.
- I sometimes fear being helpless without my glasses or contact lenses.
- Fair natural vision is less important to me than having perfect vision with corrective lenses
- I am financially stable and will have not much trouble coming up with the surgery fees.

However, anyone who is or has the following should not consider LASIK surgery:

- Collagen vascular, autoimmune, or immunodeficiency diseases
- Signs of keratoconus, ophthalmic herpes simplex or herpes zoster
- Signs of systemic disease that could affect wound healing
- Pregnant or nursing