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Preoperative examination

How to get started?

Since you are reading this web page, you are already well on your way. Please continue reading everything in this web site. If you have any questions, look under the FAQ section or call us directly. Once you become convinced that a treatment is the right thing for you, call us for an appointment. The preoperative eye exam is very comprehensive and will take about two and a half hours. It is one of the most scrutinizing eye exams, specifically to determine your chances for success. The eye exam consists of a thorough evaluation and analysis of your eyes and your visual system.

Preexamination LASIK

The eye exam

You will receive dilating drops to measure the degree of your refractive error. Among many others, the size of your pupils, topography and thickness of your cornea will be assessed. Most importantly, you will be encouraged to ask questions and voice concerns. All aspects of the procedure will be carefully explained. You will be offered candid and detailed information, for any question you may have. You can rest assured that you will be given a professional and realistic opinion of the results you can expect.


As we get older, the lens of the eye becomes less flexible, eventually making it impossible focusing for near vision. Unfortunately, LASIK can only correct distance vision. It cannot be used to treat people who need glasses only for reading. In fact, LASIK patients over the age of 40 may find that their reading vision becomes slightly worse after the procedure. On the other hand, patients under the age of 40 should be prepared to accept reading glasses at a later stage. A common technique, so-called Monovision provides better reading vision without compromising much of distance vision. Under this technique, one short-sighted eye will be left slightly under corrected during the procedure. This minimal amount of short-sightedness supports your reading vision later on. Ask your eye doctor, if you want to learn more about Monovision.

When scheduling an appointment for an eye exam, please consider the following:

- Contact lenses must be removed from the operative eye prior to the day of your eye exam as follows: Hard lenses and gas permeable rigid lenses at least one week Soft lenses at least three days.

- Because of the dilating drops, you will need to arrange transportation for the day of your eye exam. Private automobile or taxi is recommended.

- You should allow yourself approximately two hours at the Laser Vision Center for preparation time and eye exam.

- The fees for the eye exam will be credited towards the surgery fee. Fees are payable either in cash or by the Maestro debit card at our Center.

- The preoperative exam, the procedure and the postoperative exam can be scheduled on three consecutive days. This will enable you to return to your home or work quickly and avoids multiple journeys to our center.