Laserklinik Lohr

Our Eye-Surgery Center Lohr is

certified by the German
DIN EN 9001:2015

History of the Eye Surgery Center Lohr


The beginnings of Lohr Eye Clinic reach back to 1980, when Dr. med. Michael Armbrust (MD) took over the local ophthalmology practice with the goal of providing patients with the highest quality of medical care in an academically oriented private practice setting.

As a pioneer of outpatient eye surgery in Germany, Dr. Michael Armbrust started ambulatory operations in 1985. His commitment to surgical eye care has earned him wide-spread reputation for excellence. Subsequently, in 1990, the Eye Surgery Center Lohr was founded. It was followed 2001 by the Laser Vision Center, which is located in an adjacent new building.

Dr. Stephan Münnich and Dr. Tilman Littan (both MD) now provide additional expertise in cosmetic eye procedures and other complementary services. All of our surgeons are board-certified by the German Association of Ophthalmologists, having completed extensive training as eye surgery specialists.

In our dedicated facilities on approximately 6,000 sq. ft. we provide eye examinations and care in the following specialties: cataract, glaucoma, cornea, pediatrics, LASIK refractive surgery and eye trauma.

Lohr is the cultural center of the Spessart region, a land of deep forests and castles that inspired the fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Lohr is home to the 700-year-old Bayers Tower and other sights like its medieval town centre, the Kurmainz castle, the ancient city hall, as well as lovely church buildings. The "Spessart Museum provides insights into the cultural history of the region, the art of glassblowing art and mirror manufacturing.

Quiet valleys with clear creeks give pleasure to hikers. Wooded areas cover the heights and slopes. Nature reserves preserve ancient Spessart oaks in their originality. Other parts of the forest are carefully cultivated and deliver the world-famous Spessart veneer oaks. Day trips can be recommended to the cities of Würzburg and Aschaffenburg as well as to the romantic Mespelbrunn Castle.